Weird science facts, July 13 — July 19

Back from Toronto, and working on some more posts.  In the meantime, here are the past week’s Twitter #weirdscifacts!

487. July 13: Half he, half she. A rare chimeric butterfly has been born in London.  (via @lucasbrowers)

488. July 14: Technicolour toad spotted after 87 years.

489. July 15: Lobsters that buzz?  (post by @doctorzen, h/t @jenlucpiquant)

490. July 16: Canadian physician Wilder Penfield, known for evoking vivid memories through direct brain stimulation.  (h/t to @Namnezia!)

491. July 17: French chemistry teacher and balloonist de Rozier became the 1st known air crash fatality in 1783. 

492. July 18: Apropos to recent journalistic scandals: the 1835 “great moon hoax“.  (via @beckyfh and @rmathematicus)

493. July 19: Temperatures on Mercury can range from -280 F to 800 F — in a single day.   Of course, a “single day” on Mercury is 58 earth days.  Nevertheless, the range of temperatures on Mercury is quite remarkable.

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