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Emily Carroll’s Through the Woods

Let me say this immediately: Emily Carroll’s work is amazing.  Her work first came to my attention, as it did for many people, through an io9 post describing some of the best horror webcomics available.  The post included a link … Continue reading

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H.G. Wells’ stories about BUGS

Update: Added one more Wells bug story! This short post is something of a public service.  Earlier today I saw some tweets from film critic Scott Weinberg referencing an urban legend related to the very silly 1977 Bert I. Gordon film Empire … Continue reading

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Love is the Law, by Nick Mamatas

In my experience, Nick Mamatas’ novels are not pleasant to read — and I mean that in a good way.  He is willing to dive wholeheartedly into ugly situations in his writing and challenge the reader with unhappy observations about the … Continue reading

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Death by ball lightning

Lightning has been a source of fear and mystery through the entire history of mankind.  Violent, unpredictable, and potentially deadly, it was often seen as an indication of divine judgment or displeasure.  Now we know it is a natural electrical … Continue reading

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Jack Cady’s The Well

I’ve been meaning to write more about books not printed by Valancourt Books, but they’ve been on a roll recently with quite a few irresistible releases, and I’ve had a hard time staying away!  The most recent one that caught … Continue reading

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The House of the Wolf, by Basil Copper

I haven’t been reading much fiction as of late, thanks to work and a desire to catch up on a lot of science reading.  This past week, however, I jumped back into the fiction, picking up Basil Copper‘s 1983 novel The … Continue reading

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John Blackburn’s The Cyclops Goblet

Another new Valancourt Books edition of a classic John Blackburn book has been released, and it includes another masterful* introduction by me!  This time, the book is John Blackburn’s 1977 novel The Cyclops Goblet. John Blackburn (1923-1993) was a prolific … Continue reading

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