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Michael Talbot’s The Bog

A novel about an archaeologist digging up 2000 year-old bog bodies in the UK that have been mauled by some mysterious ancient creature?  A supernatural creature that is awakened by the excavations and begins to stalk and kill again?  Yes, … Continue reading

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Mary SanGiovanni’s “Chaos” and “Thrall”

My first encounter with the work of Mary SanGiovanni was her dark and elegant chapbook No Songs for the Stars, and it left me intrigued and interested in reading more.  Fortunately, I had a short vacation to Mexico a few … Continue reading

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My favorite “classic” horror stories

Even though I blog about horror fiction of all eras, regular readers of this blog know that I particularly love older stuff.  There’s something about the ghost and horror stories of the late 1800s and early 1900s that is particularly … Continue reading

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A.M. Burrage’s Waxwork and Other Stories

I’ve long been a fan of the work of A.M. Burrage — that little of it that I’ve been able to find, that is.  His ghost stories, originally published in six volumes from the 1920s to the 1960s, have been rarely … Continue reading

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Robert Aickman’s Dark Entries

It took me far longer than it should have, but I have finally read a collection of short stories by Robert Aickman (1914-1981).  Though the 1960s and 1970s, he published 48 supernatural tales, some of which are acknowledged as classics, … Continue reading

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John Blackburn’s Dead Man’s Handle

This post marks a minor personal milestone: with the book featured in it, I have now read all of John Blackburn‘s published works.  I put off reading this one for quite some time for a reason that I’ll explain at the … Continue reading

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The Burnaby Experiments, by Stephen Gilbert

I really should be writing about novels other than those published by Valancourt Books, and I will, but they have released so many eye-catching books in recent years that I’ve had a hard time staying away.  Most recently, I read their … Continue reading

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