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Dr. SkySkull in China, part 3: the Terracotta Army

There have been two books sitting on the shelf in my office for as long as I can remember.  They are picture books about the Terracotta Army of Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China, constructed to serve the … Continue reading

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Dr. SkySkull in China, part 2: the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda

I arrived in Xi’an late on a Saturday night, two hours later than expected due to a weather delay flying out of Beijing.  So I was pretty exhausted on Sunday, but that didn’t stop me from wanting to get out … Continue reading

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Dr. SkySkull in China, part 1: Overview

The blog has been quiet this past week because I’ve been literally halfway around the world!  I was invited to China to give a pair of scientific talks and plan out some collaborative work.  The trip was productive and fun, … Continue reading

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The comics moment that most inspires me: Suicide Squad

Update: Forgot to say “thank you” to my Dad for mailing me my complete “Suicide Squad” collection, which made this whole post possible! I suspect that people who don’t read comics fail to realize how much kids can be inspired … Continue reading

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RIP Goldie, 2002(?)-2015

This morning, at about 8:45, our beloved cat Goldie passed away.  Only the day before, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor that was affecting her movement and cognitive functions, and she had deteriorated rapidly over the course of the … Continue reading

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#365 papers, part 2!

I’ve joined a group of folks on Twitter who have vowed to read roughly a paper a day, and will summarize my reading here occasionally.  Part 1 can be read here.  Links are provided for those with university access who … Continue reading

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Ann Gregory, RIP (1974-2014)

One of the joys of twitter is getting to meet so many kind, interesting, and varied people from places all over the world and getting to share, at least a little, in their lives.  One of my favorite of these people … Continue reading

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