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Skydives at CarolinaFest 2012!

I’ve been quite busy and having a hard time putting together some science posts.  In the meantime, I thought I’d share a video of a couple of skydives I did a bit over a week ago at CarolinaFest 2012 at … Continue reading

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My 1000th skydive!

Well, I finally did it — I made my 1000th skydive!  On the 18th of December, 2011, my friends came out to join me in celebrating this milestone.  The video is posted below. We had done a practice jump (number … Continue reading

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5-way formation skydive!

It occurred to me, after some discussion on Twitter, that I haven’t posted any skydiving videos for a while!  Part of the problem is that I haven’t had that many videos taken over the past half-year; the other part of … Continue reading

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A new paper airplane world record!

Via The Huffington Post, I found this story pretty exciting: a Japanese man has made a new world record for the longest duration flight of a paper airplane! Only one man – Japanese paper airplane virtuoso Takuo Toda – has … Continue reading

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On passing adult bronze ‘moves in the field’

Whew!  One more stressful deadline is passed, and successfully!  On Sunday, I passed my adult bronze ‘moves in the field’ figure skating test!  Of course, most readers probably have no idea what that means. The USFSA (U.S. Figure Skating Association) … Continue reading

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Skating a rollercoaster?

I know people will call me nuts, but this looks like fun: via The Daily Mail, we learn that an extreme sports enthusiast took a high-speed ride on a rollercoaster — on specially designed roller skates! An adrenaline junkie has … Continue reading

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900th skydive milestone!

Just a short note: yesterday I made three skydives, the third of which was my 900th! Up until the 1000th jump, skydivers tend to treat every 100th jump as a personal milestone.  Due to work, I’ve been jumping quite irregularly, … Continue reading

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