Skulls in the Stars

A gallery of my fantasy miniatures


Time for a little break from physics and fiction!  Though I haven’t been very active recently, for many years I was a hardcore gamer, playing both role-playing game and board games.  In fact, I credit much of my early aptitude in mathematics to the amount of time I spent crunching numbers in Dungeons & Dragons.

I’m hoping to get back into some more gaming at my local game store, but I’m also planning to get back into painting fantasy miniatures.  For those unfamiliar, role-playing games and fantasy wargames can be played on tabletop with 25mm miniatures, and there is a vast collection of high-quality unpainted minis available for purchase.  Though I haven’t played games for quite some time, I’ve been painting on and off in the interim.

I thought I would share some images of my best paint jobs, with a little bit of a description to go with each one!  I should note that, being my best work, for every miniature you see here there are at least two more that didn’t turn out quite so well.  I should also note that these miniatures were painted for display, as opposed to being painted for gaming.  This means that I spent much more time on each paint job and used light coats to allow for finer detail.  Paint jobs for actual gaming are necessarily cruder and use thicker coats.

Without further ado, here are my best fantasy miniatures!