Skulls in the Stars

Dr. SkySkull talking invisibility in the News & Observer!


This has already been making the rounds via other social media today, but for those who aren’t on Facebook or Twitter (lookin’ at you, Dad!), I was interviewed by the News & Observer about invisibility physics and the article appeared today!

Me, looking kinda invisible. Double exposure image by Todd Sumlin.

It’s worth mentioning that this didn’t start as an article with a focus on me (not that I’m complaining).  Reid Creager at the Observer originally contacted me for background on invisibility physics for a planned article on the subject, but apparently the conversation was interesting enough that it turned into a Q&A article with me.

Todd Sumlin visited me to take the photo above last week, and we had a lot of fun with it.  He made me look semi-transparent by taking a double exposure: one with me in the picture, one without.  We used a set of journals as a backdrop, but the multi-colored journals obscured my face.  My solution was to put black-bound PhD dissertations from my office, including my own, behind me.  I noted on Twitter last week that this may have been the first practical use of my PhD!

I’m rather happy with the article as it turned out — feel free to let me know what you think in the comments!