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20 books that have stayed with me

A meme was going around on Facebook in early September, which I present as was assigned to me by my friend Ryan Cagle of Valancourt Books: In your status, list 10 books that have stayed with you in some way. Don’t … Continue reading

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Weird fiction Monday: Fish in the Sea

It’s time for Weird Fiction Monday, when I post stories that I’ve written — both new and old — for the entertainment (hopefully) of my readers!  As always, I note that I haven’t done extensive editing of the tales here, … Continue reading

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Barry Pain’s “The Undying Thing and Others”

The famed H.P. Lovecraft was not only a masterful author of horror fiction, he was also a connoisseur of it.  He eagerly snapped up volumes, new and old, seeking the best work of the genre, both famous and obscure.  His … Continue reading

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My favorite weird fiction of the past 3 years

Happy (belated) blogiversary to me!  August 14th was the 3rd year anniversary of this blog, a milestone that I missed yet again in the hubbub of daily life.  Nevertheless, an anniversary is a good time for reflection, and one thing … Continue reading

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The Shadowy Thing, by H.B. Drake

I’ve been having a lot of good luck with my fiction reading lately, and have a backlog of really good (and weird) fiction to blog about.  One that actually gave me a pleasant surprise is The Shadowy Thing (1928), by … Continue reading

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“Supernatural Buchan”, by John Buchan

One of the truly fascinating things about writers of weird fiction is how many of them are remarkably accomplished in other aspects of their lives.  We have folks such as A. Merritt, who had a very successful career as a … Continue reading

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Halloween treats 2009

It’s time again for my yearly dose of Halloween chills, courtesy of some classic horror stories!  The 2007 edition can be found here, and the 2008 edition can be found here.  Have a happy Halloween! The Willows, Algernon Blackwood.  This … Continue reading

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The Man Who Rocked the Earth, by Arthur Train and Robert Williams Wood

A few posts ago, I noted that physicist R.W. Wood was one of the earliest scientists to contemplate issues of invisibility.  While researching his work, I noted that he was also a science fiction author, having penned two books with … Continue reading

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Francis Stevens’ The Nightmare and Other Tales of Dark Fantasy

In my readings for this blog, I am constantly surprised by how many truly excellent authors and works of weird fiction have been (mostly) lost in the passage of time.  Fortunately, a number of publishers have valiantly taken up the … Continue reading

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Herbert S. Gorman’s The Place Called Dagon

As I’ve noted previously, H.P. Lovecraft had a voluminous library of weird fiction, and basically defined himself as the foremost expert on such tales in his time with his essay Supernatural Horror in Literature.  Hippocampus Press, in collaboration with Lovecraft … Continue reading

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