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Optics basics: reflection

It’s been some 5 years since I wrote my last “Optics basics” post!  The goal of that series of posts was to introduce some of the most fundamental concepts in optics in a non-technical way, in part so I wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Dircks and Pepper: A Tale of Two Ghosts

It is often told that in the 1860s, John Henry Pepper used science and technology to invent a ghost. Or did he? This is the surprisingly tricky question that we will try to answer in this lengthy post. It is a … Continue reading

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Twitter Weird Science Facts, Volume 18

Getting soooo close to having done a full year of Twitter weirdscifacts! Read below to learn the amazing ability that this seemingly ordinary European robin possesses.

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Twitter Weird Science Facts, Volume 16

Time to summarize more weirdscifacts as posted on Twitter! Read on to learn about the amazing origins of the rather innocent looking palm pictured below.

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Twitter Weird Science Facts, Volume 6

Time for another roundup of Twitter #weirdscifacts!  Read below to learn the amazing secret this single unearthed coin revealed.

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1801: Fraunhofer gets research funding in the worst possible way

It is rather unsettling to think that scientific careers are often made by simple luck.  For example, eventual Nobel Prize winner Albert Michelson (1852-1931) only got an education thanks to the literal last-minute intervention of none other than the President … Continue reading

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The mystery of the magnetic train

This past week, thanks to Laughing Squid and other sources, a lot of people watched and were amazed by this simple demonstration of electromagnetism in action. It is billed as the “world’s simplest electric train,” and it is almost certainly … Continue reading

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Making magnets speak: the Barkhausen effect

Occasionally I come across a demonstration of physics that is so simple to implement yet illustrates a phenomenon so profound that it almost takes my breath away.  I learned of one such demonstration recently, which requires only a handful of … Continue reading

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Science Online 2012: Weird and Wonderful Stories in the History of Science

This is the first of a series of posts summarizing my observations and experiences at Science Online 2012, which I attended last week.   When I was starting out as a student of physics, most of the stories I heard … Continue reading

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Weird science facts, September 28 — October 4

Somewhere along the way, I failed to notice that I passed the 1 1/2 year mark of #weirdscifacts on Twitter! Enjoy them while you can — I’ll be definitely stopping at 2 years! 564. Sep 28: The psychedelic frogfish moves … Continue reading

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