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Physics demonstrations: vortex cannon!

As I’ve said before, some of the best scientific demonstrations are things that can be put together with simple everyday components and exhibit surprising, even counter-intuitive, phenomena. One of my all-time favorite demonstrations is of this form!  All one needs … Continue reading

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Physics demonstrations: rolling uphill

Some of the best and most enjoyable demonstrations of physics principles can be put together quite readily with very cheap materials.  A good example of this was the simple version of the Magdeburg hemisphere demo I discussed previously; another example … Continue reading

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Physics demonstrations: Magdeburg hemispheres

Sometimes one can demonstrate very profound and remarkable physics with very simple, even mundane, tools.  Last week I received the tools to perform one such demonstration by mail: This pair of iron hemispheres, with handles attached and a valve on … Continue reading

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Physics demonstrations: the Pythagoras cup

The past few weeks I’ve been preparing a lot of entertaining demonstrations of physics principles for a Science and Technology Expo to be held at UNC Charlotte on April 29th.  I thought I’d start writing short posts highlighting the various … Continue reading

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