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Old School Dungeons and Dragons: Part 23

Let’s continue to collect those old school D&D threads that I share on twitter! The Thieves of Fortress Badabaskor, by the Judges Guild staff (1978). This one is a true classic of old school gaming! Judges Guild, which still does … Continue reading

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The Handyman, by Lester Barclay

Let’s tackle another invisibility story! This one is a little different, in that it is a story about an imaginary invisible friend! “The Handyman,” by Lester Barclay, appeared in the October 1950 issue of Fantastic Adventures. It is short and … Continue reading

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RIP Mandarin, 2010-2021

This past Friday, a beloved member of my extended kitty family, Mandarin, was helped on his way to the next life. Mandarin was diagnosed early this year with a rare and untreatable brain tumor. Beth did everything possible to make … Continue reading

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Priestess of the Moon, by Ray Cummings

More invisibility? Okay, sure, why not. I may be cursed to blog about invisibility in fiction for the rest of my life. While preparing a post about McGivern’s “The Visible Invisible Man,” I suddenly realized that there is another story … Continue reading

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The Visible Invisible Man, by William P. McGivern

Here’s another invisibility story — again, my book on the history and physics of invisibility will be out next year! The last we saw of William P. McGivern was his story “The Chameleon Man,” published in January of 1942. But … Continue reading

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The Plague of the Living Dead, by A. Hyatt Verrill

One of the best things about studying history is the serendipitous discoveries one can make. This post is about one of those: while tracking down various stories about invisibility, I learned of the story “The Plague of the Living Dead,” … Continue reading

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Cloak of Aesir, by Don A. Stuart

This is the last of my daily run of blog posts for now, marking the 30th post in a row! Most of them have been on invisibility in fiction, and we wrap with a fascinating example. I’ve still got more … Continue reading

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Ghost Planet, by Thorne Lee

The penultimate post on invisibility in fiction in my attempt to blog 30 days in a row! I’ve got more stories to blog after that, but this will probably be the end of my continuous run. So we’ve technically already … Continue reading

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The People of the Pit, by A. Merritt

Getting close to the end of my run of invisibility in fiction posts! Hope you’ve been enjoying them! Here we take a quick look at a story by one of my favorite weird fiction authors: Abraham Merritt, who went by … Continue reading

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Invisible One, by Neil R. Jones

Starting to get exhausted by all these invisibility posts! But I’m going for 30 straight days of blogging, then I’ll rest. The scene: In her Ohio home on the outskirts of the 26th Century metropolis of Cincinnati, Moira Presby softly … Continue reading

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