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The first copy of Invisibility has arrived!

I just wanted to post a short note to say that I’ve received the first copy of my book on the history and science of invisibility, and it looks great! I’m very excited for people to get a chance to … Continue reading

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Existential Physics, by Sabine Hossenfelder

Time to get back into a little combination book blogging/science blogging! Let’s talk a little bit about Existential Physics by Sabine Hossenfelder, published in 2022. I read this book recently due to somewhat curious circumstances. My friend Mark at my … Continue reading

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Optics, rain, and car headlights

One of the fun things about being a physicist is that occasionally you end up pondering some sort of everyday phenomenon that you’ve never thought about before and realize that you can explain it with some elementary physics! Some time … Continue reading

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“Invisibility” recognized in Publishers Weekly!

Just a short note: my editor pointed out to me that my book made the “top ten” list of Spring 2023 science books at Publishers Weekly! Saving the relevant part of the page for my own personal record: This is … Continue reading

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Physics demonstrations: Oculus Mundi

So, for some reason, my ten year old video on the Barkhausen effect went viral on YouTube the past few weeks, and brought me quite a few new followers there. I thought I’d do a short video to say “thanks … Continue reading

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“Invisibility” has a cover and a release date!

Of course, my publisher never tells me these things, but the cover for my next popular science book, on the history and physics of invisibility, has been made public and the book has a release date! It was a challenge … Continue reading

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Jupiter and its moons

This past Monday turned out to be a rather rare event for skywatchers: the planet Jupiter’s closest point of approach to the Earth since 1963! This was the coincidence of two situations. The first is the planet being in opposition … Continue reading

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Rough photos of lunar eclipse 2022

Today, May 16, is the 2022 International Day of Light, designated by UNESCO to recognize the role of light in science, art, and education. You can read more also at the optical society Optica’s webpage. I’m out of town for … Continue reading

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The Handyman, by Lester Barclay

Let’s tackle another invisibility story! This one is a little different, in that it is a story about an imaginary invisible friend! “The Handyman,” by Lester Barclay, appeared in the October 1950 issue of Fantastic Adventures. It is short and … Continue reading

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Priestess of the Moon, by Ray Cummings

More invisibility? Okay, sure, why not. I may be cursed to blog about invisibility in fiction for the rest of my life. While preparing a post about McGivern’s “The Visible Invisible Man,” I suddenly realized that there is another story … Continue reading

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