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A few more Falling Felines bits of news!

If you’re still not tired of Falling Felines and Fundamental Physics news, yesterday was a good day for new posts, which I thought I’d compile here, along with some earlier stuff I forgot to share! The Curiosity Daily Podcast interviewed … Continue reading

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A decade of history of science!

I’ve picked up a significant number of new followers on the blog lately, and this combined with the wrap-up of the decade seems like a good time to share some of my favorite history of science posts of the past … Continue reading

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A chat with H.G. Wells (1897)!

Now that Falling Felines is out, I’m doing research for my next popular science book, which I will talk more about soon! In the meantime, I will share interesting tidbits that I come across in my explorations, such as this … Continue reading

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Edweard Muybridge’s grand achievement (1873)

So, now that my book Falling Felines and Fundamental Physics is available for purchase, I’ve been answering questions for editors working on the translated editions that will appear.  These questions led me back to doing a little historical research, and … Continue reading

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What a Scientific Englishman thinks of Scientific Americans (1874)

Things are a little crazy here in the United States right now, so as a pick-me-up of sorts, I thought I would share this charming article that appeared in the January 30, 1874 issue of Scientific American: “What a Scientific … Continue reading

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Effects of explosions on the ear (1887)

Here’s another blog post inspired, in part, by my work on my upcoming book on Falling Felines and Fundamental Physics!  When we discuss our ideal impressions of science, we often imagine repeatedly doing laboratory experiments in which every variable is … Continue reading

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History of the Conservation of Energy: Booms, Blood, and Beer (Part 3)

The final long-awaited conclusion of a trilogy of posts describing the history of the discovery of conservation of energy, inspired by my research on “Falling Felines and Fundamental Physics.” Part 1 can be read here, and part 2 can be … Continue reading

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