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Zoe’s sidesliding technique

In lieu of more substantive blogging, I present this video of our cat Zoe: She’s developed her own lazy version of playing, in which she slides along the ground on her side after a toy instead of actually getting up … Continue reading

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Some long overdue cat photos…

I haven’t done any catblogging for a while, which is a shame ’cause I’ve got lots of cute cat photos. Moving into a new house provides lots of opportunities for unexpected cat cuteness. Also, we received a very nice gift … Continue reading

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Wednesday catblogging: Intrepid Eleanor!

I just had to post about Eleanor, my semi-adopted stray cat.  When I arrived back late last night from my trip, she was waiting at the front door for me, wanting to be let in.  Of course, I let her … Continue reading

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Friday catblogging: Eleanor!

I’ve done a bit of catblogging before about my insane cat Zoe.  Another cat inspired me to adopt Zoe in the first place, and I thought I’d share that story, since it’s still ongoing!  After the fold, meet Eleanor!

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New Years Catblogging!

Just a quick post; the girlfriend and I are heading back home today, but I thought I’d post a picture of the first cat I got to know: my Dad’s cat Cleopatra (‘Cleo’ for short).  She’s a lovely dignified tabby … Continue reading

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Glow in the dark cats!

And here I thought that this image was simply a nice photoshopped picture that somebody made for I Can Has Cheezburger! But, no, it turns out that scientists in South Korea have managed to make cloned cats that glow red … Continue reading

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Last-minute Monday catblogging: The Terror!

I’m up late, writing my NaNoWriMo for the evening, but thought I’d take a break with a few pictures of Zoe! She’s still an incredibly sweet cat, as evidenced by this picture of her taking a break:

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Ghost cat!

Can I combine catblogging and horror blogging?  I’m going to try! The past couple of nights, I’ve sensed a restless presence in my home.  I’ve heard strange sounds and seen motion out of the corner of my eye.  At last, … Continue reading

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Monday catblogging… Zoe’s eyes!

Well, our new family addition seems to be doing well. Zoe is just a real charmer! I brought Zoe to my girlfriend’s place over the weekend to introduce Zoe to her two bad kitties, and for the most part things … Continue reading

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Monday catblogging… ’cause I just got the cat!

Well, I broke down and adopted a kitty this weekend!  Not the one hanging out on my doorstep, who disappeared for a number of days and reappeared being fed by one of the neighbors (but who reappeared at my doorstep … Continue reading

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