Monday catblogging… Zoe’s eyes!

Well, our new family addition seems to be doing well. Zoe is just a real charmer! I brought Zoe to my girlfriend’s place over the weekend to introduce Zoe to her two bad kitties, and for the most part things went quite well. Everybody kept their distance, and the worst thing that happened was an occasional hiss when somebody got too close to somebody else. We were even able to leave them all alone and go out for a few hours without any serious trauma. When we returned, all three cats were resting peacefully in their own places.

I took a couple more pictures to highlight Zoe’s green eyes this morning, and I attach them below:

She has such lovely eyes! My girlfriend did a little internet searching, and Zoe may be a Norwegian forest cat, a breed which is distinguished by its exceptionally long tufts of ear hair. We’re not completely sure about this yet, but her appearance and temperament seem to fit the general descriptions.

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2 Responses to Monday catblogging… Zoe’s eyes!

  1. babs67 says:

    She’s such a cutey! I can’t wait to see her again this weekend!

  2. Yep, she’s a cutey! Quite insane, though (which I guess makes her the perfect cat for me).

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