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Beyond the Spectrum, by Arthur Leo Zagat

Yet another post of invisibility fiction, driven by all the stories I found while researching my invisibility book! Here we have a curious case: an invisibility story written by a lawyer-turned-author, Arthur Leo Zagat (1896-1949)! Zagat wrote for many pulp … Continue reading

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Beyond Power of Man, by Paul Ernst

Continuing my run of stories of invisibility to celebrate finishing the draft of my book on the history and physics of invisibility! I probably should’ve waited to do this until my book is actually out… ah, well. With so many … Continue reading

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The Cave of Horror, by Captain S.P. Meek

Yet another post about invisibility in fiction! Will I ever run out of these? I feel like I need to write another book just about invisibility fiction. So in my last post, I wrote about “Invisible Death”, which appeared in … Continue reading

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The Shadow of the Beast, by Robert E. Howard

Another post about an invisibility story, from my researching into my book on invisibility physics. Sometimes a little bit of bad luck can turn into some good luck. To fill out my bibliography on invisibility fiction, I wanted to include … Continue reading

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James Clerk Maxwell – Vampyre poet?

So James Clerk Maxwell was one of the greatest theoretical physicists of the 19th century, even perhaps the greatest. He is most famous for compiling a system of equations in the 1860s that describe the interactions of electricity and magnetism, … Continue reading

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Halloween Treats 2021: Invisibility edition

Every year since starting this blog, I’ve done a post near Halloween linking to a bunch of public domain horror stories to read to get into the season. It so happens this year that I also just finished the draft … Continue reading

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The Valancourt Book of World Horror Stories, Volume 1

Having a quiet night at home and realized this would be a good time to catch up on some book blogging! I finally started getting back into reading, after a long pandemic-depression hiatus, at the start of the new year, … Continue reading

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Some of my favorite horror video games!

So Halloween may be done, but I’m not quite done with Halloween! I was sitting around thinking about horror-themed video games, and decided that I wanted to put together a list of some of my favorites! Such a list is, … Continue reading

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Halloween Treats 2020!

I almost forgot to do one of my oldest blog traditions: sharing a series of classic ghost and horror stories to celebrate Halloween! The list of past post is too long to share these days, but you can search “Halloween … Continue reading

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Disappearance at Devil’s Rock by Paul Tremblay

My apologies for the long delay in writing — the chaos in the world and the busy nature of life has left me rather drained!  But I have managed to start reading some fiction again, and I thought I would … Continue reading

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