Ghost cat!

Can I combine catblogging and horror blogging?  I’m going to try!

The past couple of nights, I’ve sensed a restless presence in my home.  I’ve heard strange sounds and seen motion out of the corner of my eye.  At last, I got a picture of the phenomenon:

Is my apartment haunted?  Is a restless spirit stalking the corridors?

Well, sort of — Zoe’s gotten really hyper!  I suspect that now that she’s getting well-fed, she’s finding reserves of energy that weren’t there before.  I’ve been playing with her as much as I can to keep her busy.  I tried to take a few pictures of her antics, but she moves too darn fast — hence the ‘ghost cat’ picture.

When I started thinking about it, though, I started to wonder how many stories are out there that involve the ghosts of animals.  I can only think of two off the top of my head – mild spoilers!!!

The first is by Ramsey Campbell: The Whining.  The story concerns a man who ends up haunted by a particularly obnoxious stray dog.  This story is actually an example of the horror theme of unwanted love that I blogged about a few days back. The story is collected in the Arkham House publication The Height of the Scream (which also contains, amusingly, a childhood Ramsey horror story).

The second story is by Robert E.  Howard: The Shadow of the Beast.  A man pursues a criminal into a house which is haunted by more than a mere man.  This is probably one of Howard’s best horror stories.   I originally read it in a compilation of Howard’s Cthulhu-mythos related tales.

Any other stories about ghost animals out there worth reading?

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1 Response to Ghost cat!

  1. William says:

    How fake is that photo! Come on dude, do you really think people will believe that.

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