Friday catblogging: Eleanor!

I’ve done a bit of catblogging before about my insane cat Zoe.  Another cat inspired me to adopt Zoe in the first place, and I thought I’d share that story, since it’s still ongoing!  After the fold, meet Eleanor!

Back in October 2007, I arrived at my apartment one evening to find this lovely tabby mix crashing on my doormat.  She was very friendly, and happy to see me, though I have no idea why she chose my door!

She reappeared for a few days after that, and I started to feel bad for her.  It was getting cold outside! I’d avoided having pets for years, but this cat (who I named Eleanor) seemed to have picked me, and suddenly having a cat seemed like not such a bad thing.  I was almost ready to adopt her when she disappeared as mysteriously as she arrived!  I looked for her for a week, but didn’t see her.  Heartbroken, I let my girlfriend convince me to  stop by the shelter, and soon I was coming home with Zoe.

A few weeks ago Eleanor decided to come hang out again.  I put out a towel for her to sit on to keep warm, and put some food and water out for her as well.  I was happy to have the company, because Zoe is currently spending time at my girlfriend’s place, where she can hang out with my girlfriend’s two bad kitties.  One night, I sat down cross-legged to pet Eleanor, and to my astonishment she immediately climbed into my lap and started purring!

Our relationship seems to have entered a new stage, as of several days ago.  I went out to pet her a bit and take the picture you see above, but when I opened my door to go inside, she rushed inside ahead of me!  Eleanor hid out at first under the guest bed (clearly she didn’t want to be evicted), but eventually decided to trust me and curled up on the top of the bed, purring profusely.   In the morning, she woke me up with a ‘meow’ and I let her out to go about her business.

It’s been cold outside lately, so I’ve let Eleanor crash a few nights in my apartment.  She’s a nice houseguest – she doesn’t make a mess or scratch anything – and she keeps to her bed.

I really can’t adopt her, though – three cats are enough for us – so I’m starting to make inquiries amongst my friends to see if anyone wants a charming outdoor cat!

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