Happy birthday to Simon Pegg!

I don’t want to get carried away with entertainment birthday posts, but I can’t miss the opportunity to give birthday wishes to a man who has cemented his reputation in action, comedy and horror… simultaneously in only two films!  Happy birthday to Simon Pegg!

Pegg has been acting for years but his true international breakout role was in Shaun of the Dead, the magnificent zombie comedy that he starred in and co-wrote.   This role is beloved among horror fans and has earned cameos for Pegg in Grindhouse and George Romero’s Land of the Dead, as well as Romero’s upcoming film Diary of the Dead.

One could hardly imagine anything better than ‘Shaun’, but then Pegg’s next acting/writing achievement is a parody of action and horror films, Hot Fuzz, which may even be better than ‘Shaun’!  (Any film which brings together Timothy Dalton, Bill Nighy, Jim Broadbent, and Edward Woodward is pretty much by definition great.)

Look for Pegg in the upcoming Star Trek film as a young Scotty, as well!  So happy birthday to Simon Pegg!

On a completely unrelated note, if you haven’t seen it yet, the trailer for the new Indiana Jones film has been released on YouTube, and it looks pretty darn entertaining.  I embed the clip below the fold…

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2 Responses to Happy birthday to Simon Pegg!

  1. babs67 says:

    OMG! He’s going to be in Star Trek?!? Find that out just made my day!!! I may have mentioned this before, but I LOVE Simon Pegg! I can’t wait to see him.

  2. Personal Demon says:

    I have high hopes for the new Indiana Jones movie, but you gotta admit that the teaser trailer is a bit full of itself. The charm of Indiana Jones is that he’s a rascal hero. He’s essentially a grave robber, but he values his friends more than money, which means that on fairly frequent occasions, he saves the world.

    The vignette text in the teaser makes him sound like the bloody messiah.

    (Ooh… “Bloody Messiah”… good name for a band.)

    There, I’m done.

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