A few bits of blog news!

I thought I’d mention a few points of blog interest.

First, I’ve finally gotten myself a dedicated email address for my blog: skullsinthestars *that’at’thingy*skullsinthestars.com. Feel free to write with comments, criticisms, observations, or requests.

Science blogging is hard! It takes a lot of work to properly research even simple science posts. Nevertheless, I’ll soon have a post about so-called ‘superluminal’ light propagation. I’m planning to write a series of posts on the physics of invisibility, one of my pet ‘science’ projects. I’ll probably connect them with a discussion of invisibility in horror.

In horror blogging, I’m working on ‘horror masters’ posts on both Graham Masterton and Brian Lumley. Unfortunately, I can never go halfway on these things and have been frantically buying up used copies of their early work so that I can get a ‘complete’ picture of their talent! Hopefully I’ll have worked through enough of their works to write posts by next week. Speaking of buying used copies, I’m especially proud of managing to find a copy of Masterton’s book The Sphinx, which is actually pretty tricky on Amazon. Try finding it yourself and you’ll see it’s not exactly trivial…

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3 Responses to A few bits of blog news!

  1. You have certainly thrown yourself into your horror research. I think everytime I looked at you this weekend you had your nose stuck in Necroscope. 🙂

  2. Blake Stacey says:

    I’ve found that, generally speaking, the hardest posts to do are the ones in the middle: posting a YouTube video or quoting a nice paragraph from somebody else’s blag is easy, and writing a technical post full of equations isn’t so difficult, but producing an intelligent, informative, non-deceptive popularization of science is quite the trick!

  3. babs67: Yep, I’m really loving the horror reading again. I had to spend lots of time reading Necroscope; it’s almost as long as a Stephen King novel!

    Blake: Yet again, I’m in complete agreement with you. Writing a popularization of science is definitely far trickier than writing a technical post. I end up spending a lot of time making sure that my simplified explanations aren’t so simple that they end up being misleading or genuinely incorrect!

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