Slugbuggery takes a new twist…

This post is mainly for my girlfriend: today’s xkcd comic:

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6 Responses to Slugbuggery takes a new twist…

  1. No more complaining when I punch you or about the rules that I’ve come up with. 🙂

  2. …and aren’t you glad I didn’t come up with a rule like the blue slugbug?

  3. Official Slug Bug rules (as decided by me)

    1. A current era slug bug gets one punch
    2. A current era convertible slug bug top up gets two punches
    3. A current era convertible slug bug top down gets three punches
    4. Two current era slug bugs together on the road – side by side or one right after the other – three punches
    5. A vintage slug bug – three punches
    6. A vintage convertible top up slug bug – four punches
    7. A vintage convertible top down slug bug – five punches
    8. Driving by a VW dealership – no punches for anyone
    9. Players must be in a car when punches are delivered

    Rules I’m comtemplating implementing
    1. Choose a color for the day – that color gets double the punches
    2. Running total winner – whoever gets the most punches wins for that car ride

  4. Dear Lord, you’re turning Slug Bug into a version of Magic Realm, but with punches!

  5. Personal Demon says:

    A vintage blue slug bug – sleep with Dr. Skull’s ex-girlfriend… THREE TIMES!

  6. PD – WHO has to sleep with Dr. Skull’s ex-girlfriend? And which ex-girlfriend is it? I need details to add that to the list of rules.

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