Bloggin’ at the Airport…

Ugh. I’m waiting in an Ohio airport for a flight home. I just finished giving a talk on my research, which seemed to go over well – lots of questions and lots of compliments afterwards. This will be a less-than-24-hour stay; hopefully, I’ll be blogging more interesting stuff come tomorrow.

In the meantime, below the fold is a grainy, cell phone picture I took of a hawk. I was heading into the building for the next session when I noticed a lady photographing the bird. It was resting on a low-hanging branch, no more than ten feet from us. I think that’s the closest I’ve been to a wild hawk in my life. Lovely bird:

I tried to figure out what species it is, but it turns out there’s probably five that look very much the same, and my lousy photography doesn’t allow one to pick any of the distinguishing features…

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