Update on my “challenge” to science bloggers

Now that I’ve actually written my “classic science” blog post, I realized I didn’t plan any way to compile all the entries in the end! If you accept the “challenge” (I keep putting the word in quotes because I don’t want to sound like I’m trying to be confrontational), and post an entry, send me an email! I’ve put together a permanent page to compile all the entries together in one easy to find spot.

(I think I didn’t plan ahead because I didn’t think anyone was actually reading my blog!) 🙂

One final note:  Just to have an end date associated with the challenge, let’s mark the end of May as the official end date; I’ll do a summary post at the end about everyone’s entries.

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1 Response to Update on my “challenge” to science bloggers

  1. Ragu says:

    interesting thing to do. i had started it a while ago… reading some papers will be in touch. hornclause.blogspot.com

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