Vacation time!

Those who read me regularly may have noticed that I’ve dropped off in my postings lately. I’ve been preparing for a trip to Florida to skydive off the Gulf and land on the beach, and much of my time has been spent making sure all my work business is up to date. I leave tonight, and come back on Monday.

I’ve set up a few small posts for the time that I’m away, and may get another one up this afternoon before I go. Otherwise, when I come back, I’ll have a few excellent scientific posts (all my ILLs finally came in) and hopefully some cool skydiving pics/video!

P.S.  I’ve raved before about the Gallica website that is part of the National Library of France.  Well, now it looks like they’re into a version 2, beta, and the search pages can be read in English as well as French.  I just downloaded part of the complete works (Oeuvres) of François Arago, circa 1850.   I’m almost in awe of the fact that it’s so easy to find these works now.

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