The 2008 “Classic Science Papers” Challenge is done!

The deadline for the “Classic Science Papers” challenge has passed! The collection of entries will be permanently bookmarked here, for future reference.

Entries ranged over a wide variety of disciplines: biochemistry, biology, geology, neuroanatomy, medicine, physics, physiology, and psychology. Entries ranged from studies of works done in 1543 through 1973 (‘classics’ can of course be from any era). Entries came from workers from the undergraduate to the faculty level.

It’s amazing how much interesting history is out there in old papers that rarely get discussed in detail any more; I learned a heckuva lot from every entry, and I’m grateful that everyone took the time to write up nice entries and submit them. For those who want the ‘classics’ to continue, Coturnix has suggested turning this into a regular blog carnival, and that sounds like a great idea that we’ll hopefully make happen.

Thanks again to ecoli at thoughts from gut bacteria, Mary at The OpenHelix Blog, Gerlach at Off Resonance, Coturnix at A Blog Around The Clock, Epicanis at The Big Room, Winawer at Mild Opinions, Tuff Cookie at Magma Cum Laude, coconino at Ordinary High Water Mark, BrianR at Clastic Detritus, barnowl at Guadalupe Storm-Petrel, catatau at catatau, Arunn at nonoscience, Tom at Swans on Tea, SciCurious at Neurotic Physiology, Dave Munger at Cognitive Daily, and podblack at PodBlack Blog.

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7 Responses to The 2008 “Classic Science Papers” Challenge is done!

  1. BrianR says:

    thanks for spearheading this … it is a cool idea

  2. ecoli says:

    you’re very welcome… hope to do it again

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  4. barn owl says:

    Great job, skullsinthestars!

    Hope we can keep this going as a blog carnival, as Coturnix has suggested….

  5. plektix says:

    If you do make it regular, I may actually get around to doing my own entry at some point. The trouble is figuring out what exactly constitutes a “classic” paper in complex systems.

  6. plektix: I’m definitely planning to make it regular. As far as ‘classic’ papers go, the definition will be broadened for the carnival: roughly speaking, anything which has really had a strong influence on a particular field and has stood the test of time (10+ years old) will probably make a good entry.

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