Meeting the Scibloggers…

The fiancée and I just returned this afternoon from attending the NC Scienceblogs celebration in honor of the millionth scienceblogs comment!  We spent a nice afternoon at the Asheboro Zoo with a great collection of people, including Coturnix, Dave and Greta Munger, SciCurious, Kevin Zelnio, Sciencewoman and plenty of others!  It was nice meeting everyone in person for the first time, and hopefully I’ll run into them again soon, possibly at ScienceOnline ’09!

I was so happy to chat with everyone, I only got a few pictures!

Here we have Coturnix, Greta (hidden) and Dave Munger, Sheril and friend, and Zookeeper Jayne!

A lioness sunning herself on a nice warm rock.

The same lioness taking a nap with her hubby!

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6 Responses to Meeting the Scibloggers…

  1. Coturnix says:

    It was so great meeting you two in Real World. Thank you so much for coming…and see you in January!

  2. Greg-

    It was great meeting both of you. With another blog to follow now, I just hope I can still graduate on time!

  3. Christian: It was great meeting both of you, as well!

  4. scicurious says:

    Great to meet you guys!! I had a great time, we shall definitely have to chat again soon!

  5. scicurious: Likewise! And I’m eagerly awaiting your next TGS entry!

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