Some blogroll updates…

I finally got around to adding a few additional blogs to my blogroll, and thought I’d acknowledge them:

White Coat Underground.  I met PalMD at ScienceOnline09 and, in addition to him being one of those people I immediately liked and enjoy talking to, he writes a wonderful and compelling blog about “the intersection of science, medicine, and culture.”

The Inverse Square Blog.  I also met Tom Levenson at ScienceOnline09, and have been enjoying his blog and its discussion of “science and the public square.”  I’m looking forward to his upcoming book about a little-known chapter of Isaac Newton’s life, Newton and the Counterfeiter.

Bittersweet Sage’s Blog.  My friend and colleague, who harasses me on my own blog under the name “Personal Demon”, has been writing his own blog as “an experiment in writing productively outside of my job.”  As he acknowledges, the content is a bit random right now, but he always has some interesting things to say (and he scooped me in reviewing Dan Simmons’ new novel Drood).

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8 Responses to Some blogroll updates…

  1. Hooray! Thanks for the entry into your hallowed blogroll. I’ve been peer reviewed!

    • PD: Of course, you realize that you are now required to publish things daily that I find interesting and insightful? Not that I manage to do that myself, but I’m well known for my hypocrisy! 🙂

  2. Dr. SkullStars wrote: “Of course, you realize that you are now required to publish things daily that I find interesting and insightful?”

    Crap… I should have known there was a catch.

    Can I just publish stuff that you find revealing and embarrassing and embarrassing instead? I’ve known you for a really long time, and I’m good at making stuff up! For example: “Hey do you remember that night we got trashed on opiates and gin and ended up at that circuit party off Rembrandtplein? I thought I’d never tear you off that dance platform.”

  3. Blake Stacey says:

    Whatever you post, it had better be twice as embarrassing as it is revealing.

    (Rembradtplein? I thought it was on Haarlemmerstraat. Man, my memory must be addled.)

  4. Blake: It was definitely Rembrandtplein. We’d hit the Flemish friet shop on the way back to Dr. SkullStars apartment across the river. Man, I miss those days! (The great thing about heroin is you can eat anything and not risk splitting the backside of your skinny jeans.)

    Haarlemmerstraat was where we all got the Prince Albert piercings. Probably not the wisest thing I ever did, but it does make airport security more interesting!

  5. PalMD says:

    Thanks for the shout out. Next year we’ll have to spend more time chatting over drinks…i was way lame this year.

    • PalMD: You’re very welcome! I hadn’t noticed that you were “way lame”, though it would be understandable considering your laptop disaster at the meeting.

      I’ll hold you to that drink offer!

  6. The Fiancee says:

    PD – I hope you weren’t hoping for a reaction from me on the “stories” you are sharing. I know Dr. SkullStars too well to believe he did those things. Except for the dancing, now that I believe.

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