University of Chicago undergraduates vs. Westboro Baptist!

I did my undergraduate work at the University of Chicago, and though I can vouch for the fact that we all took ourselves way too seriously in general, it turns out the kids there now are okay!  The homophobic Westboro Baptist Church clan, led by uber-homophobe Phelps, decided to stage a protest at the campus.  They were answered by the men of Alpha Delta Phi (h/t Americablog):

While I’m on the subject, Michael Moore’s take-down of WBC from his show The Awful Truth is still relevant, and a riot:

P.S. From the Hyde Park Urbanist (h/t Pharyngula), a bonus win:


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3 Responses to University of Chicago undergraduates vs. Westboro Baptist!

  1. Any idea why the Westboro loonies were at our hallowed Alma Mater?

    • Ah! I had the wrong link on the ‘decided to stage a protest…’, which has now been fixed! They were apparently protesting the fact that Obama had taught at the law school there. Not that this fact makes things any more sensible…

  2. Dang… I was hoping that it was something loopier. You know, like that The Oriental Institute houses “false idols” or something.

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