The birds have fledged!

Just a quick update about the family of house finches we’ve had on our front door wreath: the babies have fledged!  This previous Tuesday, we chanced a peek into the nest and saw a little face peeking back at us:


Cute, eh?  It looked like they still had quite a ways to go.  (Incidentally, the house finch keeps the poop of the baby finches around the border of the nest — hence the mess of white.)

Today, we heard a very raucous peeping coming from the nest, along with some rustling.  Suddenly, a flock of birds appeared on the tree in front of our house:


Our bird babies are flying!  The fiancée and I felt very lucky to have been present for what must have been one of the first flights.  (The picture is a bit grainy because I had to shoot through a screen and window.)  Soon, we’ll be able to clean the poop off of the front door!

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2 Responses to The birds have fledged!

  1. Awesome! After they fledglings are on their own, you might consider removing the nest. Nests have an incredibly low kindling point, and (I think) under the right circumstances have been known to catch on fire.

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