h-index of 14!

In one of my periodic blog moments of patting myself on the back, I should note that my h-index went up to 14 this past week!

As I’ve described previously, when my h-index went to 13, the h-index (or Hirsch index) is a rough estimate of the productivity of a scientist and the impact of their work.  An h-index of N means that you have no more than N papers which each have more than N citations each.  It is a very crude measurement of productivity, as is any quantitative measurement, but one that’s relevant for decisions such as tenure.

Considering the Wikipedia article cites an h-index of 10-12 as a guideline for tenure decisions, and 15-20 a fellowship in the American Physical Society, I’m feeling pretty good about my chances.

Unfortunately, I’ll need quite a few citations to bump myself to an h-index of 15.  Unless I get really lucky, I won’t have another celebration like this for a while…

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2 Responses to h-index of 14!

  1. Yes yes, felicitations are in order. But I smell solicitations as well! 🙂

    I’m sure you’ll get tenure. You seem to be one of the best researchers/teachers in the department. Not being registered for any or your classes, you can feel rest assured that I’m not just kissing ass when I say that (not that my opinion counts, though…)

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