Two days until The Giant’s Shoulders #11!

Here’s one last reminder that the deadline for The Giant’s Shoulders #11, to be held at Curving Normality, will be here in 2 days!  Entries can be submitted through or directly to the host blog, as usual!

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3 Responses to Two days until The Giant’s Shoulders #11!

  1. Blake Stacey says:

    An interesting article on the discovery of critical phenomena showed up on the arXivotubes today (arXiv:0905.1886). I’d love to write about that sort of thing, in two or three weeks when I might have time. . . .

    • Blake: Hey, do it — we always need good submissions! At some point we should get in touch and decide what we want to do with Coulomb’s papers, too!

      BTW, where have you been? You’re blog has been rather quiet lately… 🙂

  2. Blake Stacey says:

    Oh, here and there. Deep into Floquet theory and eigendecompositions of random matrices, mostly. Experimenting with Pandora. I figured out that my “Someone is WRONG on the Internet!!” tendencies were causing me more worry and stress than a hobby should involve, so I decided to direct my brain-energies elsewhere. Maybe in another week or two I can feel less like a “science blogger” and more like a “science guy who blogs, among other stuff”!

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