Hummingbirds move fast!

Less than 24 hours after putting up a new hummingbird feeder, we have this:



This one is from a little later in the day:


We’ve got a lot of birds visiting our yard these days, so much so that we’ve had to get more feeders.  I’ll put up more bird pics once I get good ones (damn cardinals never sit still).

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7 Responses to Hummingbirds move fast!

  1. The Wife says:

    Specifically we have:

    About 1 million House Finches that drain the birdfeeder every other day
    A Cardinal family – mom and pop and one or two babies
    Two Cowbird couples
    The occasional Chickadee
    A couple of Sparrows
    A Mockingbird who is feeding her babies a diet of mealworms
    A few fat squirrels who drive the cats nuts
    A bunny who eats our grass each morning and evening
    And one unidentified bird who comes to the meal worm feeder and may be a female Purple Martin

    It’s turning into a wildlife refuge. 🙂

  2. TW: Don’t forget the hordes of grackles, the goldfinches, the mourning doves, and the woodpecker!

  3. The Wife says:

    I knew there were more! I also spotted a Blue Jay and we say a Robin last night.

    P.S. – don’t forget to stop for mealworms.

  4. The Ridger says:

    Nice pictures. I need a camera that will freeze action that well.

  5. Markk says:

    No Woodpeckers or hawks? I’ll be there are some hawks around. Great Pictures!

    • Markk: I haven’t been able to photograph the woodpecker in our area yet. There are hawks around, but they don’t bother coming into our yard. They have circled the yard, though…

  6. Markk says:

    If you wait long enough you will see perching hawks if you get enough action at your feeders. Something on the order of a Cooper’s Hawk or similar. If you ever notice a real lack of action in a time when there should be some look around! Backyard birdwatching is fun, spoken as a guy who has been doing counts for 30+ years. It’s amazing how you get a feel for the population over time.

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