Editor’s selections: Galactic light switches, deadly rhododendrons, and railways of light

  • Quasar light switches. You don’t want light switches like this at home! Emma at we are all in the gutter talks about recent research concerning quasars and active galactic nuclei — after powering down, they can sometimes start back up again! This is a great potential confirmation of the connection between quasars and radio galaxies.
  • On the dangers of Rhododendrons! Sure, they’re pretty, but Rhododendrons can also increase the likelihood of landslides! Dr. Dave at On the slide discusses the research.
  • Particle sorting with a miniature light railway. We’re a long way from devising Star Trek-style tractor beams, but technology which uses optical fields to move particles is already of practical importance. Stuart Watson at Optical Futures discusses recent research into such “optical tweezers”.
  • Check back next Monday for more “miscellaneous” highlights!

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