ResearchBlogging Editor’s Selections: Floating mice, sinking Mobius rings, topsy-turvy climate change — and 50 million chemicals

  • Next they’ll tell me that pigs can fly. You may have heard a few years back about researchers levitating frogs with powerful magnets.  But why should amphibians have all the fun?  Christie at Observations of a Nerd describes recent research into the levitation of mice — and apparently the mice enjoyed it!
  • When a Mobius ring is dropped into a fluid. Mobius rings, one-sided strips, have been objects of fascination for years.  Arunn at Unruled Notebook looks at research which studies the unusual behavior of such rings when allowed to sink in water.
  • Cutting through the haze: Nailing down the role of aerosols in climate change. Most people are aware that climate science is a devilishly tricky subject.  James Hrynyshyn of The Island of Doubt reports on results that prove this point yet again: the rapid reduction of man-made aerosol pollutants could dramatically increase the temperature on the Earth!
  • 50 million chemicals and counting. Finally, David Bradley at sciencebase announces an unusual milestone: the Chemical Abstracts Service has logged its 50 millionth unique chemical, a mere 9 months after the 40 millionth.  But is this real progress, or an artifact of the reporting process?

Check back next Monday for more “miscellaneous” highlights!

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