Cotton fields of South Carolina

The weather was iffy this morning, but I went out to the drop zone anyway to see if the weather would be good enough to make a skydive.  It turns out it was; however, none of my usual jump friends apparently felt the same way, so I didn’t make a jump!

On the way back, though, I pass through farm country.  The cotton is now in full bloom and pretty much ready to be harvested.  I snapped a few pictures with the new iPhone and stitched together a couple of panoramas, which I post below.


I climbed onto the top of my car for this shot, to get some perspective.


I really think that a cotton field in bloom is quite a sight, almost like winter in September.


Here’s a close up of the fluffy stuff!

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5 Responses to Cotton fields of South Carolina

  1. The Ridger says:

    Nice shots. But those are blooms; they’re seed pods – seeds surrounded by fiber bolls.

  2. Janet Szabo says:

    These are so cool! Could I have a framed one of the bottom one for my Christmas present?

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