It’s confirmed; my cats are trying to kill me

I never believed it when people told me that their cats are trying to kill them.  Well, I never believed it until last night.  The wife and I were watching television, and I got up to make some popcorn.  While I was returning with two small bowls for us, our kitty Sabrina thought that it would be a good time to pounce at my foot!

She didn’t actually grab me, but she managed to get her paw under my foot as I was putting it down.  To avoid stepping on her, I stumbled  forward — and completely hyperextended my big toe in the process.  It is now completely swollen and painful, and I’ve spent most of Saturday off my feet playing videogames.  (Though it is arguable that I would have done that anyway.)

Sabrina has acted remorseful all day, coming up to me and rubbing her head up against me, something she typically doesn’t do.  I’m not fooled, though; this was a dry run before my eventual elimination.  The wife claims that it wasn’t intentional, and that she acted alone, but I have my doubts.  Would you trust a face like this?


Or this?


Or this?



“My Name is Talky Sabrina and I am going to kill you.”

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3 Responses to It’s confirmed; my cats are trying to kill me

  1. ColonelFazackerley says:


    Your feline mistresses are clearly made of evil.

  2. Barbara says:

    I thought I was the only one who thought this way….make sure hall is lite exiting bathroom, cats like to lay in front of door , to trip you..

  3. No…No, not the vice and blow torch!

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