Vrije Universiteit goes for Open Access publishing!

This is interesting news!  Via BoraZ on Twitter, I find that the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, has pledged to have 90% of its published articles available on Open Access:

Within ten years, VU University Amsterdam wants to make 90% of its published articles available on Open Access. This ambition represents the university’s clear commitment to Open Access, along with that of all the faculties which will support the initiative in the years to come. As Rector Lex Bouter explains “Research which has been partly financed with public money should also be available to the public.”

In adopting this policy, VU University Amsterdam has become part of an Open Access policy which enjoys wide support, particularly within Europe, and is backed by such key players as the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO).

This is a nice trend, as it means that the articles will be openly available to the public (and not behind a pay wall), and researchers will retain copyright on their own research.  On a personal note, the VU was where I did my postdoctoral research!

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