ResearchBlogging editor’s selections: giving climate scientists their due, “revolting” statistics, and a crystal controversy

  • Dammit, Jim, I’m a neurobiologist, not a climatologist! It isn’t his field (as he freely admits), but Björn Brembs at does an excellent job clearly explaining why we should give climate scientists some credit, even if we don’t understand the research.
  • Viva la Neo-Fisherian Liberation Front! In a “revolutionary” post, jebyrnes at I’m a chordata, urochordata! explains a standard used by scientists in statistical analysis… and why it should be overthrown!
  • How dangerous are these crystals, then? Lars Fischer at EuCheMS 2010 Blog looks at a possible example of media misrepresentation of science, in which the result could be harmful consequences in the handling of radioactive waste.
  • Check back next week for more “miscellaneous” highlights!

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