ResearchBlogging editor’s selections: molding stem cells, lightning, dogs at play, and a heritage of honey

  • Shaping a stem cell’s future. Most of us are familiar with the idea of stem cells (and the political controversies associated with them): cells which can be chemically manipulated into different types of functionality.  Rob Mitchum at ScienceLife describes research that has shown that this functionality can be controlled by manipulating the shape of the cell!
  • On the phenomena of lightning. How much do you know about lightning?  In the course of his radio astronomy work, Alexander at The Astronomist did some investigating and discusses some interesting facts about lightning and its generation.
  • Is My Dog Playing or Fighting With That Other Dog? Ever wonder how to tell the difference between rough dog play and a dog fight?  Jason at The Thoughtful Animal describes how dogs work it out.
  • Preserving a culture in wild honey. Finally, Alun at AlunSalt provides a thoughtful look at the disappearance of an Aboriginal tribes’ honey-gathering heritage.

As a bonus, if you were intrigued by last week’s description of macroscopic quantum-mechanical objects, Chad at Uncertain Principles provides more details on the experiment and what it actually demonstrated.

Check back next week for more “miscellaneous” suggestions!

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