ResearchBlogging editor’s selections: bilingual animals, horse-hunting hyenas, the nature of dark matter and toiletology

  • Bilingualism as a preadaptation for language. Can animals other than humans be “bilingual”?  This fascinating question is addressed in research described by Sean at The Adventures of Auck.
  • The horse-hunting hyenas of Srbsko Chlum-Komin Cave. We can learn a lot by studying what an animal eats — and what parts it eats!  Brian at Laelaps explains how the bone piles of ancient hyena dens tells us more than just what animals were hunted.
  • Dark matter confronts observations. In a detailed post, The Astronomist at his eponymous blog discusses theory and observation relating to the specific nature of dark matter.
  • Toiletology. What can the signs describing a toilet tell us about the inclusiveness of a society?  Ingrid at Language on the Move explains.

See y’all next Monday for more “miscellaneous” highlights!

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