ResearchBlogging editor’s selections: International romance, sluggish T-rex, double rainbows and World Cup excuses

It was, perhaps not surprisingly, a relatively quiet week in research blogging, but there were still lots of great posts!

  • Men, English, and international romance. We begin this week with a post about international relationships, specifically of Japanese folks with foreigners.  There’s been a lot of attention paid to Japanese women with foreign men, but what about the reverse?  In an amusing post, Lachlan of Language on the Move looks at some of the cultural aspects.
  • Tyrannosaurus didn’t have the nerve to run fast. Those scared to death by the t-rex in Jurassic Park can breathe a sigh of relief — recent research suggests that the “tyrant lizard” couldn’t move nearly as fast as depicted.  Brian Switek of Dinosaur Tracking explains the reassuring details.
  • The science of double rainbows (OMG, what does this mean?). Everyone loves to see a rainbow, but we feel doubly blessed when we see a double rainbow.   How do such rainbows form?  Westius of Mr. Science Show explains the physics.
  • Top ten excuses for World Cup losers (with citations). Finally, in honor of the recently-concluded World Cup, Duncan of O’Really? gives us the top ten excuses for failure — and the scientific citations that back them up!

Check back next Monday for more miscellaneous selections!

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