Kitty fostering success!

Almost two weeks ago, I noted the arrival of two foster kitties in our home: Brewster and Breyer!  Well, I’m happy to say that we dropped them off at their new hopefully “forever home” this evening!

This was all done with the help of (and helping) Terry who runs F.U.R.R. — Feline Urgent Rescue and Rehabilitation.  We’ll almost certainly be fostering some more cats in the near future, and I’ll keep folks posted on events as they progress.

In the meantime, here are some final shots of Brewster and Breyer, so I can remember how sweet they are!

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1 Response to Kitty fostering success!

  1. Not many a folk have a love for cats. Our society (and probably most others) are K-9 centric. Cats are very special animals, and usually people of very high intellect keep company with them. When my wife and I married nearly 20 years ago, we both had cats, luckily they got along (as for She and I, that’s a different story)!

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