Returning from Scientopia…

So I’ve finally come to making a decision that I’ve been agonizing over for the past few weeks: I’ve decided to leave Scientopia and return to my WordPress blog here at

Suffice to say that this isn’t due to any problems with the Scientopia crowd, who are awesome; I really just feel that I’m not that comfortable at this time being part of a collective.

Thanks to everyone in the Scientopia crowd for their camaraderie during the past couple of months, and I’ll see everyone on the internet and twitter!

As I’ve noted, you can find me from now on right here at, starting more or less immediately, with the usual RSS feed.

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3 Responses to Returning from Scientopia…

  1. Blake Stacey says:

    Well, I guess this obviates the need to make redirects from your old posts to Scientopia!

  2. Some things can’t be “averaged over,” and some people never need fear the loss of distinctive individuality in a crowd.

  3. Thony C. says:

    Welcome home Dr SkySkull but please stay where you are for a while I’m getting tired of changing your URL on my blog roll 😉

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