The Giant’s Shoulders #29 is out!

The Giants’ Shoulders #29 is now up at Heterodoxolgy, and it is an “esoteric sciences special”! The carnival focuses on the strange, alien and counterintuitive in the history of the sciences.  Thanks to Egil for putting together a lovely carnival!

Giants’ Shoulders #30, A (Scientific) Christmas Carol, will be hosted by the Ghost of William Whewell in person at his very own blog on 16thDecember 2010 and is a celebration of the science of the 19th century. Submissions should be made to Rebekah Higgitt or to the Giants’ Shoulders Blog Carnival by 15th December.  (I’ve already got the perfect topic for my post!)

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2 Responses to The Giant’s Shoulders #29 is out!

  1. Thony C. says:

    I thought the theme might apeal to you 😉

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