With Open Lab, today was a book trifecta!

I will quickly wear out my welcome with all my self-patting-on-the-back, but I can’t help point out that today was in essence a book trifecta for me!  I already mentioned receiving the first copy of my book in my previous post.  I also received today a pdf offprint of a review article I co-wrote with Taco Visser of the Free University, Amsterdam, that has appeared in Vol. 55 of Progress in Optics!

On top of those noteworthy milestones, I was delighted to learn today that one of my blog posts, on Kerker’s invisible bodies, was selected to be included in the fifth edition of The Open Laboratory!

Three book-related achievements in one day!  I don’t think I’ll top today accomplishment-wise for some time.  To celebrate, I’m adding two new badges to my sidebar, including a link to my book and a badge indicating my status as a judge of Open Lab.  I’m starting to accumulate as many badges as a banana republic despot, but I can’t help myself.

And this will be my last self-congratulatory post for a while, at least until my next book, “Dr. SkySkull is Perfect in Every Damn Way”, is published.

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