Use The Giant’s Shoulders #31 to start your day!

This edition of the history of science blog carnival carries a bit of a kick!  The newly-revamped blog Morning Coffee Physics has posted the most excellent 31st edition of The Giant’s Shoulders.

Many thanks to Jasper for putting together an excellent carnival, and best wishes for the continuing success of the blog!

The next edition will be hosted by myself right here at Skulls in the Stars on February 16th.  Submissions can be sent to me or submitted through by the 15th.

We still desperately need new hosts!  We’re happy to have folks who have hosted before do so again, so please let us know.

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2 Responses to Use The Giant’s Shoulders #31 to start your day!

  1. Lowell says:

    So what are the duties of a host?

    • Hosts are basically responsible for sifting through the entries and selecting appropriate ones, and then compiling them into a blog post on the appropriate date. Not too much work, really!

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