A very silly David Brooks meme…

The other day, a photograph appeared on the internet(s) of conservative pundit David Brooks striking a ridiculously enthusiastic pose.  The picture in question:

Joshua Green, senior editor at The Atlantic, thought this picture was meme-worthy, and solicited creative uses of Brooks’ image.  Well, being a fan of random silliness and not a terribly big fan of David Brooks (to put it mildly), I thought I would try my hand at a few David Brooks photoshop jobs.

The pictures are below; it is worth noting that before this I’ve never done any significant work in photoshop before!

My first attempt: David Brooks covers the quest of the ring:

Next up is what is perhaps my masterpiece: not everyone is happy to get a call from David Brooks!

Once I got thinking of phones, I started thinking: what would be David Brooks’ dream journalism assignment?

Today I still wasn’t done with the Brooks meme, so I tried to capture his enthusiasm for breaking stories:

And, finally, I just got a little silly!  See if you can spot, as a bonus, “walking Leonardo” and “ape-man Gibson”:

Okay, I think I’ve got this out of my system; back to science and weird fiction!

If you want to see the contributions of other folks, check out the post on The Atlantic!  (My “Scream” pic is the first one!!!)

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