Twitter “Mock the Movie” tonight: The Sands of Oblivion!

Following in the tradition of MST3k, tonight I’ll be participating in “Mock the Movie”, a new Twitter event that involves watching a lousy sci-fi movie and ridiculing it live on Twitter!  To quote from JAYFK:

Smart-ass science fiction fans love nothing more than making fun of deliciously awful  sci-fi movies.  Join us in watching & mocking ‘Sands of Oblivion‘ tomorrow (10 August 2011) night at 9PM EST.   Sands of Obilivion has Eyptian mythology, archaeology, cursed objects, people who know better than to mess with cursed objects, and to guarantee it’s campiness – it’s a SyFy Original Movie!

Feel free to join us and add your snark on Twitter!  To participate, simply start watching Sands of Oblivion (available for free on Hulu) at 9PM EST and tweet your snarky comments with the Twitter hashtag #MTM.

How can you resist? Doesn’t the following movie poster just cry out, “Mock me”?

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1 Response to Twitter “Mock the Movie” tonight: The Sands of Oblivion!

  1. Found out this movie is also available on Netflix. Many avenues to mocking!

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