The Giant’s Shoulders #39 is out! (Part one!)

Part one of The Giant’s Shoulders #39 history of science blog carnival, which was delayed for a few days, is up at the blog Mammoth Tales!*  Thanks to John McKay for posting and hosting, despite having some serious work to get done!

Part II of this edition of The Giant’s Shoulders should be up tomorrow; I’ll update the link as soon as it is.  The next edition will be hosted at Stranger in an Even Stranger Land, by Gurdur!  As usual, submissions can be posted to or sent directly to the host blog.

* The link above takes you to the main Mammoth Tales blog page; some quirk in the blogging software there is making the permalink unworkable!

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8 Responses to The Giant’s Shoulders #39 is out! (Part one!)

  1. J Thomas says:

    Currently, for me, no links from Mammoth Tales work including the comment section. So I can’t leave a comment to tell him the links are all broken. If you can contact him, he’d probably like to know about that.

  2. Ciaran says:

    His front page works but everything else goes to a 404 page.

    Amusingly the 404 page has ‘Related Searches’ starting with ‘psychic readings’. 🙂

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