Review of “Mathematical Methods” at Science After Sunclipse!

Just a quick bit of news: Blake Stacey has reviewed my textbook, Mathematical Methods for Optical Physics and Engineering, over at his blog Science After Sunclipse!

Although he rightly busts my chops over a number of typos in the text (it is incredibly hard to eliminate them in the first edition of a math-based book, FWIW), he gives it a very positive review.  It is especially nice to see him acknowledge the historical notes in the book as well as point out that the book, though tailored for optics students, would work well for students of physics in general!

This reminds me that I still need to do a review of Blake’s novel, Until Earthset!

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2 Responses to Review of “Mathematical Methods” at Science After Sunclipse!

  1. Jim Cliborn says:

    Will you be providing an online errata?

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