In which I engage in mathematical silliness…

There’s been a silly trigonometric pun going around on Google+ the past week involving Bill Cosby.  Having seen it enough times, I’ve decided to fight back with my own:

I would like to apologize in advance; you may now return to your regularly scheduled blog-reading.

Update: Yes, I do have some work that I really should be doing.  Why do you ask? 😉

Update 2: I couldn’t resist adding this one:

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6 Responses to In which I engage in mathematical silliness…

  1. Damon Diehl says:

    Oof! I just stubbed my brain.

  2. simplicio says:

    hmmm…I kinda question the plausibilty of “feld” being a name for an angle.

  3. LW says:

    This is hilarious! way better than my old jokes about B*e^(ar)=polar bear…. 🙂

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